Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Findianackle Trip.

Just recently, The Fickle team and myself went on a park tour up North to Indiana! It was tight! Crazy things went down, "Total Eclipse of the Heart" was played numerous amount of times, well, only in Van B (My van). But every rider straight up did some shredding on this trip. It was amazing. The only thing that I like about these trips are.... Getting Gnarly with my homies. We dont care about going and blowing you out of your park, we dont care that you might not be able to skate good, we just care about skateboarding, itself.

Old Lew got down on this trip!!! Lew owns Fickle and like his skating is awesome, best front smiths. No joke. But everytime i would turn a corner lew is either flying out with mass style or blasting through a corner,,and if your lucky he'll throw in a little grind. Lew is also the funniest guy ive ever met! I seriously cannot stop laughing when i get around him. At one part of the trip he says to me "Josh, if im lying to you.... You can kill a baby."

Ben Osbourne, Ben has the craziest style ever, and he freakin rips! ben has the most trickiest tricks, like its so hard to comrehend what he is doing. I watched him shred so much stuff on this trip, i totally look up to his skating, so good. But one of the best parts was on my way home, we stopped by Dry Ridge. (his home park). Holy Crap. Ben was just shredding the park so easily, as soon as we got out of the car. I was jealous. Ha

Aaron Ross, Aaron took a lot of photos on the trip,which is so rad, because he loves photography now. But otherwise besides takin photos, Aaron was blasting and carving through the most deepest and steepest bowls. He can find lines. LINES!! Aaron's back d's are immaculent as well, the last time i skated with him, he started to get them right off the bat, but now they are just SICK!. I love aaron!

Kris Link, Kris is becoming new to the team. But is coming in STRONG! We visited Greeen castle, thats where I seen Kris get down. He found this bowl that was soooooo gnarly and had so much vert on it.. and he flat out destroyed it! He freakin has the best DUANE PETERS style for sure, it was crazy. Kris's skating is amazing.. His bag of tricks are so sick! Tail Blocks and Tail Taps like crazy!! I love kris for sure! I could skate with him for days, maybe months, maybe....for the rest of my life.

Caleb Nash, Caleb was the filmer. Caleb also ripppss. I was new to caleb at first..but immediately became good friends! Caleb totally showed me that a filmer could tear up some tranny for sure! I love Caleb hes so funny too and a good guy.

Matt Simpson. Man do i love matt. Matt kinda started the company with Lew and has been around for a while. But to just be in the presence of Matt, is very wonderful. He is literally insane, even if its coming to a park and just plain out blowing your grill, or just being crazy himself. I'm glad i met Matt, he's freakin radd.

Native Nik, Im not sure if i can explain how much steeeeeez Native has. I had a sesh with him on the euro at Ft. Wayne and he did a 360 flip, my face literally ripped off. Native freakin is one of my favorite skaters alive. Hes so chill..and then all of a sudden just steeezes your face off. But besides steez.. he has a sick bag of street tricks. not including tranny tricks. he can skate everything. I want to be him.

Weston Vickers, Man. Westons my boy. We stuck together this whole trip. I freakin love watching weston skate,, his trucks are so loose, but he like out does everyone. He back tailed like a ten foot bowl!!!!!! what! i mean come on, weston's short stature and dreads dont stop him from taking skateboarding to the next level. The kid literally rips, and has so many tricks not including mini ramp tech tricks. But Weston, overall is my long lost shred buddy. When i was younger, my parents and I made a trip up to louisville just to skate. There, I met weston and i was so stoked to meet him, but after we left i never thought i would ever see him again. But sooner or later, I was hooked up with Fickle, and sure enough weston was a rider on the team as well. I love weston, hes an overall great guy, he's a believer and a RIPPER.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

School Days.....

Well, its been a long 1st semester in school. Been working my butt off (kinda) to actually have a life after school.. but in the end i pray to GOD and hope he will lead me in the right direction.. which i know he will. SKateboarding has started to progress for me ALOT lately .. ive been stepping my game up 100 percent. But next week im headed up north to stay with the fickle dudes and rip some parks.. i cant wait to get my board and wheels on some different crete. So pray that everything goes good..