Monday, January 17, 2011

Fickle Reconstruction

If you don't already know, and haven't looked at the Fickle Website. Fickle Skateboards is now starting to press our own wood, located in the heart of Cincinnati. Lew Ross, who is in charge of Fickle Skateboards has put his soul and hard labor into making this possible. Though all things are done through GOD himself, the lord has given Lew a brain that will possibly change wood in the skateboarding industry. When I last went up to visit Lew and the ficklers we skated the fickle HQ, moved veneers into a secret storage room, and I was given a talk on how the press and the boards are going to be made. And before i left Cincinnati, Lew gave me some info on what he is going to do on preventing chips! and how to actually get GOOD WOOD out there, instead of having core companies sellling boards that aren't worth our parents hard working money and will only last a couple of days. In the end, Fickle Skateboards is going to emerge in the spring, and you better keep a look out for these boards. Its gonna be epic.