Monday, May 3, 2010

Fickle Skateboards.

Fickle Skateboards. Man, they picked me up a while back and I love them to death. For reals. Fickle is ran by Lew Ross. Lew is a super awesome guy! dude you'll never meet anyone else like him, i promise. lew does one heck a good job at running this company.And he doesnt know how much i appreciate him. Dude just too rad. But the boards are soo sick! They are pressed in the good ole U.S.A! heck yea! They have amazing pop and deep concave for the "snappy" of the board. best board i've ever ridden. Our tema is so sick too, Ben, Native, Wessels, Matt, Aaron, Elijah(havent met yet), Carrie Willis (havent met yet). They are all rippers for sure! They ae all good people too. Every road trip is just super sick with them. My long lost brotherians! But yea Fickle is so sick! I'm super stoked to be apart of the team, thanks Captain Lew for everything! Also, I'll tell you another reason that I'm on Fickle...GOD HAS BLESSED ME TO BE APART OF THIS. Thanks GOD.

Me at The Georgia Bowl Rders 09.

Yea, this was my first Competition back last year. It was sick I met so many people and learned so many tricks! i loved everyone was nice and just ripping. Thank to my parents for taking me!

There's a Pterodactyl in my Goose Egg....

Well, recently i was wandering through the bamboo island with my buddy Joe Hughes. I happen to stumble upon an egg. But not just any egg, this egg's size was immaculent! Well, Joe and I had tooken the egg from the nest and carried it along with us back home. After I got home, I closely examined the Embryo in my lab using the tool known as "flashlight." As i was studying the egg, it happen to be a Pterodactyl. THis creature roamed over millions of years ago. I can already see it's beak starting to form along with three large talons. It was an amazing site to see! A new discovery for Dr. Professor M.D. Viles.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Let me tell you about this "New Evil" that is constantly spreading and taking over young teenage lives. It's called "women." These are creatures that take your body over and get you to do whatever THEY want and is killing many young boy's minds. I was a victim of this evil once, once when i didnt know that they could corrupt you in such a bad manner. At the first of the realationship, it went all well. Like she would make you feel like the coolest person in the world, and then IT happens...they want to be with youi 24/7 and take up all your skating time and personal time. It will eventually get to the point where you can't break it off. But in order to get out of this mess. Thats what you do...YOU BREAK IT OFF! and your a free man once again. Able to roam and do as you please....without the evil on your back.

Danielle Braden....

Danielle Braden recently passed do to cancer. Danielle Braden was the strongest person i even though she had cancer and had lost all her hair, she still was as happy as she had been before. It was an amazing site to watch, she was awesome! And will be dearly missed. Forever. When the doctors had told her she had 3 weeks to live...still didnt faze her...u know why? Because she had GOD. She knew where she was going and knew that she was in GOD's hands. It was amazing, how Danielle could be so happy. I love you DANIELLE!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

What makes Skateboarding Worthwhile?

I'll tell you some examples of what makes skateboarding worthwhile. The most important thing that makes skateboarding awesome is, GOD. He is the in charge of everything and with his love and with him with you, he will help you throughout your skateboarding career. The next example is, having fun with skateboarding and being able to enjoy the snapping of your board against the concrete, wood, etc. Dont let making money get to your head and free accessories. If you really love skateboarding then, you do it to have fun and be able to go out everyday and enjoy life and skateboarding whether its doing kicklflips or back smithing and oververt. It's what YOU make out of it.