Monday, May 3, 2010

Fickle Skateboards.

Fickle Skateboards. Man, they picked me up a while back and I love them to death. For reals. Fickle is ran by Lew Ross. Lew is a super awesome guy! dude you'll never meet anyone else like him, i promise. lew does one heck a good job at running this company.And he doesnt know how much i appreciate him. Dude just too rad. But the boards are soo sick! They are pressed in the good ole U.S.A! heck yea! They have amazing pop and deep concave for the "snappy" of the board. best board i've ever ridden. Our tema is so sick too, Ben, Native, Wessels, Matt, Aaron, Elijah(havent met yet), Carrie Willis (havent met yet). They are all rippers for sure! They ae all good people too. Every road trip is just super sick with them. My long lost brotherians! But yea Fickle is so sick! I'm super stoked to be apart of the team, thanks Captain Lew for everything! Also, I'll tell you another reason that I'm on Fickle...GOD HAS BLESSED ME TO BE APART OF THIS. Thanks GOD.

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  1. I thought we kicked this kid off a while back for that 360 transfer to tail.