Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh, how I do declare...

Whats up guys! Well, lately i've been thinking about how blessed I am to have skateboarding in my life and how it has shaped me into the person I am today. I've also been realizing, or feeling that GOD wants me to do something with skateboarding. Whether its skateboard professionally or just skateboard across the country and get the word of christ out to the people who need him the most. I think it's great how I could express jesus christ through skateboarding.Its a wonderful idea.

With Fickle Skateboards, that's just what we do. We express the pureness and love of skateboarding when we skate and we get people to realize that GOD is the reason why we are doing this and why we are all so happy even if we arent not blowing yoiur joint. I love Fickle to death, and now we are starting to go on a big trip south next week on the 20th and I can't wait. Good memories shall be made. This trip shall consist of LEW, myself, Ben, Weston, Native Nik, Sunshine(Aaron), and a new addition to the team(hopefully), Forrest. All of these riders are unbelievably insane and have so many styles and they all rip. If it wreen't for Lew Ross taking care of us nad keeping us away from the all the bad stuff in the skateboarding industry, we wouldn't be such a good team. Thanks Lew, seriously. I can't explain how thankful we are having for having him.

Before I go i want to tell you about an experience i had just a couple of weeks back. I met a guy named, Trinity Smith. he absolutely changed my goals and made me have more confidence. Trinity runs long distances for charity, such as a 50-mile run for cancer or so. This guy has the biggest heart ever, he found out about me and contacted me on facebook, and told me to never give up my dreams.keep believing. When I seen that, I immediately just stopped and said, "YES." To have him come into my life and give me a booster, is just insane. I hope to stay friends and keep in touch with him, he's a great dude. One thing he told me that has taken a deep impact on my life is this quote, "God won't put anything on your heart that you can't reach." So believe it kids, as long as you are truthful to your GOD and have something on your heart, whether it's a goal or dream of some sort, you should INDEED shoot for it no matter what, and never give up. You can do anything you put your mind to, it's a large world out there, so go for it.

Peace out homies, remember to keep shredding and keep the love of skateboarding. Don't sell out and do it for fame, do it because you love it.